Floor Manufacturing Process
Bohemian Works’s craftsmanship and its added value is illustrated here.
Our Versailles panel is handmade, manufactured in traditional way, crosses are made from one piece of wood and are well bonded together. This results in everlasting quality for decades. Lines, made from one piece, are creating continuous pattern on the panel and what is the most important, colour variation is kept low and elegant.
Whereas majority of industrial producers make panels easy and fast way, just gluing separate pieces together. This results in higher colour and grain variation, as each piece of timber is different. Over some time, with humidity / temperature changes, the pieces may shrink, or just unstick.
We are offering the highest quality of manufacturing, combining hands of skilled carpenters and prime quality European timber. We can supply floors with fire safety certificate Bfl-S1 (higher that Cfl-S1), either oiled or lacquered ( based on you preferences), all suitable for public or residential interiors. Our services include the installation and our portfolio bears high-end projects from all over the world.