The Bohemian Works Libraries are contemporary tailor-made creations, offering a unique set of finishes and range of options to suit all your individual requirements.

Our belief in quality and choice combine to offer some extraordinary possibilities. You can include a secure compartment to store valuables, incorporate a computer desk or house your TV, we even offer a completely integrated hidden bed.
The Libraries are priced per m2, allowing you the flexibility to specify the width and height. We ensure the library will be installed within eight weeks.

We offer both a full installation service and a stand alone option. Our installation service includes visiting the client to gain a complete understanding of where the Library will be placed, producing situation specific drawings and of course expert installation.

If you are interested in the stand alone or self installation option, we will be happy to find the best way to assist you.
From the choice of natural, grey or dark solid oak, the number of boards and drawers, to the selection of ironwork, hinges & buttons, each library is expertly designed and crafted to enhance its surroundings and bring to life your personal vision.

To beautifully compliment your choice of solid oak finish we offer three distinct lines of ironwork: Countryside, Chic and Modern. Every item has been carefully selected to guarantee a consistent aesthetic for each line, all of which are made from first class materials such as iron, brass, stainless steel, wood and even porcelain.